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Biodiversity embraces all life on Earth. We humans are part of, and fully dependent on, this web of life.

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse are among the biggest threats that humanity faces. Biodiversity crisis and climate crisis are interlinked.

We need to intensify our efforts to conserve and restore nature, in order to put biodiversity on the path to recovery, contributing also to emission reduction and to adaptation to climate change.

Our actions in that field are in line with the EU Green Deal and Biodiversity Strategy and the Ramsar Convention. They mainly focus on the implementation of the Nature Directives, the Water Framework Directive, the new Nature Restoration Law and the related legislation and strategies at national level.


Reseach & monitoring

Our actions on the improvement of knowledge focus on: research, inventory, monitoring and assessment of sites, ecosystems, habitat types and species as well as on the development of tools to organize and disseminate scientific knowledge.
Water sampling at Artificial Lake Sfikia
Water sampling at Artificial Lake Sfikia
Water sampling at Lake Pikrolimni
Water sampling at Lake Pikrolimni

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