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The Water Quality Laboratory of the Goulandris Natural History Museum/ Greek Biotope-Wetland Centre (MGFI- EKBY) performs testing for surface waters (inland, transitional, coastal) and groundwater. It specializes in physicochemical and biological parameters of water quality.

The Laboratory operates in accordance with the requirements of the 17025:2017 Standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and is accredited under this Standard by the National Accreditation Body of Greece (ESYD) for a number of tests, as specified in the Scope of the Accreditation.

You can download the Accreditation Certificates of the Water Quality Laboratory of MGFI-EKBY here or via the ESYD website.

The Laboratory premises are in Thermi, Thessaloniki (14th km Thessaloniki-Mihaniona, GR 57001) and in Kifissia, Athens (Levidou 13, GR 14562).

The Laboratory is staffed with environmental scientists, biologists and a chemical engineer.

The Laboratory equipment includes the following: ion analyzer (Aquion System/AS-DV Autosampler, spectrophotometers UV and UV/VIS (Hitachi U-5100 UV/VIS, Agilent/Cary 60), weighting devices (Kern & Sohn GmbH/ABT100-5NM, Mettler), automatic titrator (Hach Lange), centrifuges (Heraeus Labofuge 200, Labwe BT5C), respirometric BOD measuring systems (WTW), autoclaves (RΔΥΡΔ/AES-28, AH-21-N2), production systems for chemically ultrapure water, pipettes, digital thermometers, pH and conductivity meters, glass washer, thermal reactor, electric oven, fume hoods, pumps, etc.

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