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As an institution dedicated to the study and conservation of nature and biodiversity, we design our operation so that the environmental impact of our activities is as low as possible.

We are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, making our small contribution to the global effort to tackle climate crisis. Our plan is to switch to greener technologies for power generation.

Our staff travel only when necessary, because we know that means of transport emit pollutants and greenhouse gases.

We avoid overconsumption in all our activities and work to maximize reuse and recycling, contributing to the circular economy.

We use less paper and avoid printing wherever possible. We recycle paper and printing materials.

We reuse or recycle technology products.

We produce as little waste as possible.

We respect environmental legislation in the management of our waste, whether it is domestic or from the operation of our laboratories.

We use an artificial wetland as a natural purification system for the treatment of our domestic sewage. We demonstrate this system to our visitors to promote nature-based solutions.

On top of these efforts, our scientists work diligently to improve and disseminate knowledge about the natural environment, to strengthen people and especially children’s love for it, and to document policies and measures to preserve it.

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