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Conservation – management of Cheimaditida and Zazari wetlands, Greece

Project summary

The EU LIFE project is an important step to conserve wetlands Cheimaditida and Zazari in Greece and manage their resources sustainably, with the participation of all major stakeholders.

The project includes the following main actions:

  • Raising of the level in Lake Chemaditita in order to achieve the restoration of the wetland functions of water storage and the support of food webs;
  • Restoration of reed beds, open waters and humid grasslands as habitats for animals;
  • Restoration of the riparian European alder forest;
  • Monitoring aquatic vegetation, birds and water quality of the lakes;
  • Promotion of the area, information and public awareness.


Beneficiary: Florina Prefecture.

Partners: Municipality of Aetos, Forest Directorate of Florina, Greek Biotope – Wetland Centre, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Planet Regional.

Project Duration: 2001-2004.

The Role of EKBY


  1. Investigated abiotic parameters in Lakes Cheimaditida and Zazari, with an emphasis on the qualitative and quantitative state of their waters and the chemical analysis of the sediment in Lake Cheimaditida, in the areas to be covered in water.

  2. Investigated biotic parameters in lakes Cheimaditida and Zazari (ecological study of the aquatic vegetation of Lake Cheimaditida, phytoplankton analysis of both lakes).

  3. Studied the priority habitat type “Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa”, (composition, structure, conservation degree) and proposed actions to preserve and restore it.

  4. Scientifically supervised the final study for the lifting and waterproofing of the embankment of Lake Cheimaditida, which was implemented by the Florina Prefecture.

  5. In collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society, investigated and identified the areas of reeds and humid grasslands to be managed in order to create favorable conditions for birds.

  6. Organized, in collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society, a seminar on water resources management and reed management.

  7. Implemented actions to inform and raise awareness of the local community and forwarded the promotion of the area.

Lake Cheimaditida
Lake Cheimaditida | Photo archive EKBY
Lake Cheimaditida
Lake Cheimaditida | Photo archive EKBY
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